Our Services


This department runs daily on a 24 hour basis and managed by qualified medical and clinical officers. Patients are assessed and clinically examined after which further tests may be recommended in the laboratory or radiology.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy that operates 24 hours to meet the needs of both our inpatients and outpatients at affordable prices. We also offer delivery to clients within Mathare Area 4 catchment area.


We have a modern and well equipped delivery room and theatre. We also have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with trained personnel for new born who may require intensive care.


We have 2 theatres in which we attend our surgical clients. They operate daily on a 24 hour basis and are manned by trained theatre nurses and technicians. All surgeries are performed by vetted practitioners.


We have a variety of wards to suit our patients’ needs including general wards and private wards - both male and female wards. We also have all cadres of medical professionals to manage our patients in the ward.


We have state of the art diagnostic machines to perform parasitology, serology, immunology, biochemistry, microbiology and haematology tests within the set turnaround times.


We have a team of nurses and nutritionists running the well-baby clinic. We offer immunization and nutritional consultation services every Monday to Saturday between 9am to 4pm.


We have a comprehensive radiology department operating 24 hours with CT Scan, MRI, Digital X-ray and 3-D Ultra-Sound. The department is run by qualified personnel who are well trained in offering a wide range of non-invasive therapeutic procedures and diagnosis.